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Innovation consulting services



Our innovation team remains active in those technologies that will affect our industry and is available to work with members of your team.


Innovation Analysis

Measure your organization’s progress toward innovation and conclude how your team can keep its innovation initiatives on course. Discuss innovation concepts and the mix of projects that are balanced with existing technology efforts.  Develop prototypes.

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Project Management

For those insurers who are in need of a project manager, we can help.  Short term or longer term, our staff has what it takes to plan, guide and complete a project.  Let us manage the resources and budget and ensure the communication lines remain open.

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Requirements Gathering

Need a skilled insurance analyst to drive your project's requirements gathering?  Our analysts are versed in working with stakeholders on user needs, documenting features, workflow and user stories and ensuring the participants are all in sync. Great requirements are key to a successful project.

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Prototype Development

Prototypes are critical to educating stakeholders on the "how" and "why" a technological solution will advance a process or need.  A prototype is a functional example.  Let us work with your team on creating a functional prototype that stimulates discussion and opportunity.

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Application Development

If you need resources to design and build efficient software applications, consider leveraging our team.  We have skilled resources in mainstream programming languages and support different business needs, including the mobile experience. 

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Technical Integration

All insurers have a variety of systems that need to communicate with one another, internal and external.  Data transfer is critical to ensuring all software remain in sync and processing current information.  Our technical resources can manage integration projects, perform business analysis and scope, understand technical requirements and provide coding support.

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